"The whole affair was absolutely beautiful because of the work you put into it. The cake was delicious. Everybody loved it. Thank you for all the effort u put into it."

"We just wanted to say Thank-You so much for making the cake for Nastassia's baby shower! It tasted exquisite and our guests were raving about your beautiful cake design! My sister was very surprised and very happy once again from your hard work!"
Subban Family :) :)

"The party was great, and your cake was the real centerpiece! I had so many questions about it, and I passed along your contact information, I hope that is ok, and that it brings you more clients! At least three people told me that it looked like it had been made by the Cake Boss. Thanks so much for your amazing work."

"I wanted to Thank You so much for the fabulous cake!!  Everyone freaked out, you should have seen the looks from everyone in the restaurant. All the waiters were coming over to look at it. Gerry took so many pictures of it, he absolutely loved it.  I have to tell you more than anything else.... YOU MAKE THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE IN THE WORLD. I can't get enough and I'm not a big chocolate lover but I think I could have eaten the whole cake myself! Yum yum yum."

 "Natalya I must thank you it was an awesome cake. My grandson could not believe it was lightening McQueen car.  He wanted to play with it. You certainly made our evening. Everybody was awe struck. The cake tasted great too. You did an amazing job. I will be spreading your name and talent, if that is OK with you."

"BIG thank you for a wonderful cake!  It was exactly was we imagined... Ted and I could see the cake during dinner!  It really looked amazing..Better yet, it TASTED AMAZING... lots of compliments."

"Your cake was amazing.  Both the kids and adults were in disbelief they could not  believe it was a cake and the utmost  detail to every character. It tasted just as great. Felt awful having to cut it.  Honestly it was worth the money. It was like a piece of art. You are truly talented."

"I just wanted to let you know that the cake was absolutely beautiful and surpassed my exceptions and tasted delicious! Everyone wanted seconds and complimented on the detail."

"Oh my goodness, that cake was AWESOME. Andrew LOVED his cake, he touched it right away. I stared at the cake for a long time before I put it in our fridge! And everyone at the preschool was amazed. The director took a picture of your cake as well.  Just beautiful. And it was delicious!!! I was a bit worried about all the chocolate that it would be too strong but it was very  delicate.  Perfect. Very tasty.  The kids gobbled it up! Kudos to you. We will be getting our cake from you next year too! People asked me who did the cake and I was happy to tell them."

"I wanted to thank you again for the lovely cake, it was simply beautiful.  I was so pleased with it.  Not only did it look gorgeous but it tasted great too!  ( Too good, I had a huge piece )  Thanks again for all of your hard work, it was a pleasure working with you!!"

"I would like to thank you for the beautiful, tasty and awesome cake that you made. It was not only a cake it was an art. Nathalie loved it and we were all amazed for all the detail and beauty in this Ariel cake. Everyone loved the taste."

"Thank you so much for the kind wishes and for the amazing cakes!!! We were both blown away by both of them and they were delicious!"
Jacqueline and Chris

"I cannot say enough about your cake - it was the first thing I noticed and I was more than pleased!!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!! I LOVED IT.  Thank you again! it was stunning!!!"

"Thank you so much for such a beautiful birthday cake.  David loved it so much that he kept asking to open the fridge so he look at it.  The cake was a big hit at the party as well.  Everyone agreed that it was both delicious and beautiful and that you are very talented. Thank you for helping to make David's 2nd birthday very special."
Maria, Mike & David

"I just wanted to say that you did an amazing job on my daughters minnie mouse cake. Everyone couldn't believe how real each character looked. We were all impressed with your work. My daughter especially, couldn't stop telling all the guests to go see her minnie mouse cake. Thanks for making her another amazing cake!!!! All your hard work and craftsman ship is greatly appreciated and admired."

"Thank you so much for your well wishes and for making an incredible cake for my wedding.  It definately exceeded my expectation.  So many people complimented me and my family about the cake and have asked for your contact info.  Thank you so much again!!"

"Thank you so very much for that beautiful cake!  It looked so lovely and many of my guests commented to me on how beautiful it was!  We took pictures next to the cake and I will definitely send them to you once I receive them.  I cannot thank you enough for making such a beautiful cake, you are a true artist!  Not only did my guests comment on how beautiful the cake looked, they also said that it tasted great!"

"We had the perfect wedding and the perfect cake to go with it. The cake was even more beautiful than i had imagined it to be. It was gorgeous and very delicious. Everyone took so many pictures of it and was very impressed.  Thank you once again for everything and we will be sure to recommend you to our friends."
Les and Elena

"Thank you also for taking the time to decorate my cake table so beautifully, it was better than I had envisioned it and I got so many compliments on it. My djs and friends also commented on how lovely you truly are!"

"The cake was such a hit! People loved it and compared it to the 'Cake Boss' Show, saying how amazing it was! We also were complemented on how moist and tasteful the cake was as well! I wanted to drop you a line this week to say how thankful we are to you and how easy it was to work with you. Your excitement for the cake also brought Mike out of his shell and gave us something else to look forward to on our special day. We will certainly be recommending you to everyone and I would love to get a few of your cards for when we show off pictures or speak of it. Thank you so much again for making our day even more special (and the talk of our friends and family)!"
Kara & Mike

"OMG, Natalya. I am seriously at a loss with words. The cake was absolutely STUNNING and it tasted INCREDIBLE! Everyone couldn’t get over how realistic the cake looked. Especially the details in the ribbon. My goodness the stitching and the folds and sheerness colour to it made it look as if it were silk. I honestly can not thank you enough. I look forward to ordering more delicious and beautiful cakes to come. I am truly a satisfied customer."
Vivian  :)

"Thank you soooo much for the most delicious cake I have ever tasted in my entire life!! It was sooo gorgeous! We received so many compliments both on how beautiful the cake was and how delicious it was!!! The purple tablecloth underneath was such a great idea as well!  Thank you again!! You did an absolutely marvelous job!! If I never need to order another cake I will definitely be in touch!!!"

"Natalya!! Thank you sooo much. Talha and I absolutely loved the cake so much. It was perfect. And the roses were set so nice. Our whole cake got eaten and everyone loved it. I will definately be recommending you to people and I hope you got a good pic to add to your portfolio. I will be sending you some nice pics people took of the cake at the wedding. You have an amazing talent."

"I just wanted to send you a quick note with a big thank you.  The cake you made for Carlo's first birthday was delicious and absolutely beautiful!  All the guests were really impressed with your work!  Again, thank you, thank you, thank you."

"I just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for Ava's Birthday cake!  It was absolutely gorgeous, and delicious!  Everyone could not get over how cute it was and asked where we got it done (so you may be getting a few more orders soon!). Thank you again for helping to make the day so special!!"
Jessica & Ava

"Earl and I would like to thank you so very much for the beautiful wedding cake which you made for our special day. It looked wonderful and tasted divine. We have taken several pictures of the cake as a memory of our very special day. We have one favorite picture taken with both of us holding a cake knife ready to cut the cake."

"We are so lucky to have met Gerald and Sheri…who introduced us to you!  On behalf of everyone at Wellspring Chinguacousy I wanted to thank you so much for the lovely custom cake you made for us.  It was simply delicious!  It was enjoyed by our volunteers at our holiday party on Tuesday night and the following day at our member’s (cancer patients and their caregivers) holiday pot luck lunch. Thank you again for your generosity and thoughtfulness."

"The party was terrific and everyone LOVED the cake. My mother-in-law was so impressed. You did it again!!!! I don't have anymore business cards left! :-))  I can't thank you enough for making such a lovely cake and adding such a special touch to the occasion."

"The cake was amazing my grandmother especially and most importantly loved it!!!! It was amazing!!  Thank u so much once again ur the best cake maker!!!"

"Oh My Natalya!!!  The Curious George cake was amazing!  Everyone loved it especially Kaysan! It looked more amazing than I thought it would.  You are very talented and the cupcake embellishments were beautiful.  Thank you for helping to make my first son's first birthday that much more special.  Everyone was asking who made that cake!  And it tastes so yummy (Kaysan loved it too!)"
Kaysan's mom

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I was with the Dora cake that you made for my daughters first birthday. I was amazed with the detail of the characters & I couldn't believe how exact each character was. Everyone that attended my party wanted to know where I had order from. I will definitely recommend you to all of my family & friends. Also, i would like to tell you that not only did your cake look amazing, it was delicious. My daughter, loved the cake because she kept pointing to the cold room( where i was keeping the cake) and dragging us there to look at Dora & Boots. Your detail & craftsmanship was definitely appreciated. Thank you again for creating an amazing cake, which made my daughter's birthday extra special!!!!"

"the cake was a hit
it was totally perfect in every way
the only thing that wasnt messed up at our wedding
it was gorgeous you totally made the picture that i gave you come to life
you outdid yourself and it was so huge
thank you for all you hard work
we love it
once i get photos from my photographer ill send you what i got
thanks our awesome
ill totally recommend you to anyone
jess and josh

"What can I say !!!  The cake was beautiful beyond belief.  I have never seen anything like it in my life.  Everybody just dropped their mouths when they saw it.  My daughter just about cried and she does not do that very often.  The cake itself was awesome, everybody loved it.  We were able to take the top layer off and just serve the bottom layer.  It broke my heart to take it apart.  I said to my daughter that you should decorate Styrofoam and make the cake separate so that you could keep it forever !!!! Natalya, you certainly have a wonderful gift for decorating.  You are one of a kind and I am so glad I found out about you.  Thank you for making the day so very special.  We will all remember it forever."
Cathy & Family

"Oh my goodness Natalya..your cake was the talk of the day!! Not only was it moist and delicious, the kids loved it especially the birthday girl. Mind you, there was a few fights who would keep what characters, but I had alot of people wanting your email and web. Please make sure I get some biz cards from you.  Great job...not a piece was lefted over!!!"

"How could I ever thank you!  I really don't know where to start.   You have not only put a great big smile on Demiana's face but made her day so perfect.   The memories will last forever.  The Winnie Cake was so beautiful!  All the guests that were here where at shock when we brought out the cake.  They could not believe how beautiful it was.  All they kept asking me is who made it.  I said a very very talented and kind hearted Lady.... I am sure many of them will be calling me to get your number and website.  So be prepared to have a lot of cake making in the future!  LOL.... The only thing that I was not satisfied with was I have not met you yet!!  Natalya you are a very very talented young women and I know you will be very successful.  And you can count on me to spread the word about you.  God bless you heart and your talent."

"All I can say is WOW! The details, colour and replica was awesome...as for taste, we enjoyed it today and all the guests complimented not only how great it looked but even more wonderful the fresh, not overly sweet taste. We're ssoooo pleased with the outcome and look forward to continued business.  PS. Once I download pictures, I'll send you one of Matteo with the cake, it's nice to put a face with the name and see the enjoyment of your littlest customers."

"I just LOVED the cake you made!!!! And my 'husband' loved it even more, it was such a great surprise and a big hit at our wedding. It was WAY better than I pictured it, and the people on the top were PERFECT!"

"I want to thank you for such a beautiful cake. You made it exactly as it was in the picture I sent you.My daughter loved it and so did everybody else at the party. Some people were wondering if it was edible, how beautiful it was. Again thank you, and you will be hearing from me in the future when I need a cake."
Kerry ann

"The wedding was amazing and the cake was a hit! The best tasting wedding cake ever! My brother was convinced that it was coated in marshmallow!"

"I first off want to say that the cake was soooo amazing , better then I could have ever expected. It was sooooo ME and I especially loved the chanel (u couldn't have got it any better!). The choco mint was delicious as well!  The cake was honestly the hit of the party. People absolutely lovvvveeedddd it. A few people asked me for your information and I wanted to know if it would be okay to pass on your email. I will defnt use you for all of my cake needs in the future!!!"

"The party was awesome!  The cake was fantastic - my boys LOVED it.  Our party guests were very impressed with the excellent job you did.  I passed on your contact info to a couple of the moms who have their daughters birthdays coming up!  I would not be surprised if they contacted you after seeing the incredible job you did with the frog cake! Thank you once again - you did a wonderful job and by boys were very excited to see a 3D frog cake!"

"You are amazing. Your cake was enjoyed by everyone and for someone that was not given a lot of time to do the cake, you did a fabulous job!!!! Ahsen and I are truly grateful for all your hardwork and effort that you put into this cake. Thank you soooooooooooooo much."

"Party is over.  The last of our guests just left.  The cake was fantastic.  Words cannot express how amazing your work is.  My husband and I along with all our guests were very very impressed.  Thank you very much for your hard work.  You are a very talented lady. Thank you for making my sons first birthday so memorable."

"Our cake was perfect! Thanks so so much. Thanks so much for making exactly what we were looking for."

"Mario and I wanted to tell you thank you so much for the beautiful wedding cake. I love how much detail the butterflies had, we got so many compliments on the cake...it was exactly what we (I) wanted..lol. All we have left is the top tier the guests ate all the rest. That was very sweet of you to send us a message. We thank you for such great work and we hope to come to you for another special occasion."
Kelly & Mario

"It was very nice to meet you too and i would like to let you know that the party was wonderful and everyone and all the kids especially the birthday girl lOVED the cake!! everyone who saw the cake was very impressed.....the cake was a big hit and it was a great touch to our Hello Kitty birthday theme. Once i have all the pictures from the party i will for sure send you some!.......we thank you very much for the hard work and effort that you have put into making our daughters first birthday cake."

"I just wanted to let you know that the Thomas 3d cake was a hit at our son's 3rd bday party. The cake was amazing...ps. see you next year again :)"

"I would like to thank you for the beautifully decorated and delicious cake you made for my in-laws’ 50th anniversary. All guests commented how wonderful the cake look, especially those golden roses you made. Thanks again for the superb job!"

"Just a quick note to tell you how much we loved the cake!  It was a real hit with the kids and it tasted fabulous!!  I think that is the 5th cake you have made for my kids and I have always been very pleased. Thank you and I will contact you again!!"
Shannon O’Brien

"Just wanted to thank you again, the cake was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! I had so many compliments on it, not only was it beautiful but the taste was delicious.  I normally don't eat birthday cake, but your cake was so moist and spongy!!!! It was so pretty my daughter did not want to cut Tinkerbell's face, we cut around her face,and we put the face on a different plate, and it's now in our freezer, not sure why Meagan wants to save it, i just know that she did not want to cut the cake, especially her face. Just wanted to let you know that the cake was gorgeous and tasted amazing. Again thank you so much for the best cake ever!!!! The party was great, but your cake got all the attention, everyone that came took a picture of the cake just to look at!!!!  Great job!!!!!!!!"

"I just wanted to send a note to say "THANK YOU!" for the wonderful cake. Richard (the birthday boy) loved it -- especially the little details you added. The other guests were also very impressed by it as well and many of them asked me for your information so they can order from you in the future. I hope you don´t mind!"

"The wedding was everything and more then we had hoped for! Your wedding cake was a BIG hit We loved it. Thank You so much for the time and efforts you put into helping choose my wedding cake. It was truly a unique cake and everyone commented on it."
George & John

"Thank you so much for doing such an awsome job on Ainsley's cake. It was absolutely beautiful and she loved it! Your attention to detail was obvious and the cake was delicious! I am one very satisfied customer that will be back for any special cake I need in the future. All the Mom's at the party wanted your info! I happily passed it on...."

"First off please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Daniela.  I am a proud mother of a beautiful four year old boy, Massimo.  I sit here witting to you to thank you from my heart for the smiles of joy, your creation put on my son's face.
I had all the children gather in a circle.  Massimo, my son handed out the blue caps which were the loot bags, I had all the children start chanting... Chugga chugga choo choo and then Thomas the Tank  was brought out.   His face lit up literally like a Christmas tree and that was worth all the headaches it took to plan his party. This 4 caboose tank engine was so beautifully done.
The taste was splendid and the look, well, magnificent to say the least.  It was so life like, the details on the train, the colors of icing used, and the smarties to add the element of fun.  What also took me a back was there was very little icing and a whole lot of cake.  It wasn't just all sugar.  I cant thank you enough.  Sometimes we put so much enfususes on all the other elements that make a party, but for some reason little importants'  on the cake.  But it is the grand finally.  It is equally as important as the intro to the party.  I feel at this point I'm rambling but I cant seem to express myself enough.  Work well done! 
I was not the only one that  shared the same thought.  I was asked by many people where the cake was purchased.  Needless to say  the following day I had to forward not only thank you notes but your name and number as well.    Before the party, I was debating to go all out with the cake or not and someone told me...the child won’t remember the people nor will he remember the toys or clothes he was given.  He will remember only the thing that leaves a lasting impression... The love that surrounds him, the fun that he had and the cake...Thank you, again and I will definitely call you Mrs. Cole for my next special occasion."