We have answered some of the most common questions asked by customers below. If you have any additional questions or are ready to make an appointment, please contact us.
How much do you charge?
The cost will depend on size, detail, and how complex your needs are. Please contact us for a quote.
Does it taste as good as it looks?
We don't use lard or any other animal product in our cakes and instead of using frozen ingredients, we make our cakes using whole ingredients like butter, milk, flour, sour cream, sugar, whole eggs, whipping cream and fresh fruit. Taking no shortcuts, we strive to make the best tasting cake you have ever had.

Do you sell half/full sheet cakes?
No, we create custom "centerpiece" cakes only. We carry no "ready-to-go" cakes at all.

Do you make dietary cakes?
Unfortunately, we don't yet make gluten free or sugar free cakes. We will post on the homepage if we offer this option in the future.

Do you deliver or ship your cakes?
We deliver in the Greater Toronto area, but we will not ship cakes.

Do you have cake tastings?
We offer cake tastings for wedding cakes only. Please contact us to make an appointment for a free cake tasting. Tasting appointments are usually scheduled on Saturdays, once or twice a month depending on an amount of requests. Please feel free to bring in anything that may help us with a cake that is perfect for your wedding. IE: photographs, invitations, swatches

Do you have a retail store?
We are a home-based business, so there is no brick-and-mortar store for you to visit. However,we have a full gallery of our past work online for you to browse through for ideas. If you see something that you would like to see in a larger format, please contact us or check our facebook page.

How far ahead do I need to place my order?
Your order should be placed as soon as you have finalized all the details of your event, including colours, theme, design, and the amount of servings needed. Usually, we are booked out a few weeks (sometimes months) in advance, so please order your cake as far in advance as possible. (3-5 weeks advance notice is recommended)
Do you require a deposit?
We require a non-refundable $100 deposit to book wedding cakes only. If your balance is not paid in full two weeks prior to your wedding, you will forfeit your deposit and risk not being accommodated.  The balance and deposit are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERRABLE, meaning you cannot cancel and/or change the date after making your deposit.